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Dr J on “The Benedict Option”

I just finished reading the Benedict Option by Rod Dreher. I also recently read and reviewed Tony Esolen’s new book, Out of the Ashes, which is in my opinion, the better book of this genre. Dreher’s book has generated an enormous amount of attention. But if you only have time to read one book, read… Continue reading Dr J on “The Benedict Option”

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Take our Poll on our Go to Confession Campaign

Hi Friends, The Ruth Institute has been running a “Go to Confession” billboard campaign here in Lake Charles. It has spilled over into some interviews with Catholic media, and some Facebook chatter. Anyhow, I am interested in knowing how people react to the 3 billboards we have created. Here are the images, along with links… Continue reading Take our Poll on our Go to Confession Campaign

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Intentions for the Feast of St. Joseph

My son and I visited New Orleans over the weekend. Unbeknownst to me: St. Joseph’s Day is a Thing over there. Or maybe the Feast of St. Joseph is a Thing among Italians everywhere. In any case, we saw a lovely and elaborate St. Joseph’s Altar in the French Market in the French Quarter. I… Continue reading Intentions for the Feast of St. Joseph

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Should a Catholic divorcee date without an annulment?

I encountered a bit of controversy yesterday in a Facebook discussion. Please help me sort this out. Pretend you are a divorced person, who is seeking an annulment. By chance, you connect with an old flame from high school. Please read the following passage, and see if it helps you discern whether you should start… Continue reading Should a Catholic divorcee date without an annulment?

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“Nobody told me it was wrong”

The Ruth Institute held another Healing Family Breakdown Retreat this past weekend. As I listen to people share their stories of family breakdown, a procession of past encounters marches through my memory. People tell me their stories, and not just at times appointed for this purpose, like the Retreat. I recall: a college student in… Continue reading “Nobody told me it was wrong”