Daniel Mattson explains it all
Dan Mattson. Not Fr. James Martin.

Am I the only one who is tired of Fr. James Martin? I’m not only tired of seeing him fetedby the Main Stream Media. I’m almost as tired of hearing people I agree with, attacking him, arguing with him, or otherwise calling attention to him.

Not that we shouldn’t disagree civilly and respectfully with people we believe to be in error. We should. But, I think we can do far more good by calling attention to the things we believe to be true.

The Featured Image of Courage The Call of St. Matthew: Who Me? Follow you. Ok.

For instance: who or what, would be the opposite of Fr. James Martin and his Bridge to Nowhere? The Courage Apostolate, which helps people with same sex attraction to live chaste and holy lives. Same sex attracted men and women who are living chaste and holy lives (some of the holiest people I know, actually.) Men like Dan Mattson and Doug Mainwaring and Paul Darrow and Joseph Sciambra.

Let’s play a game. Humor me. Every time you see a post that attacks something or someone you disagree with, do more than “like and share” that post.  Post about something or someone that you DO AGREE WITH on a related topic.

For instance, you could post a link to Courage, or to their film, The Desire of the Everlasting Hills. You could post a link to Dan Mattson’s book, or a review of same. You could post to Joseph Sciambra’s website: this article is particularly raw.  Or this post fromthe Chastity Project. Or this blog from a Latter Day Saint who experiences same sex attraction and who married a woman and values her and their children more than his attractions to men. And so so.

Josh Weed Blog Header
Header from Josh Weed’s blog, gay Mormon man with his wife of 3 of their 4 daughters. (Find out why the 4th one isn’t there. It is a hoot.)

My point: refute James Martin if you must. But do not leave “James Martin” as the final word. Let Dan Mattson or Paul Darrow be the last word.

Or, maybe even let Jesus have the last word, “Take heart: I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

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