Hurricane Protection Prayer

Ok, Irma is coming. Jose is coming right behind her.  Please pray this Hurricane Protection Prayer.  Catholic parishes in Lake Charles say this prayer regularly during hurricane season, roughly June 1 through November 30. Look at the track of Hurricane Harvey. It went up the coast of Texas, headed for Louisiana and then: nothing. It… Continue reading Hurricane Protection Prayer

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Poor Kids Deserve Their Own Parents, too.

The Federal government’s programs for poor relief undermine the ability of the poorest people in society to get married and stay married. Consider these facts: For women with a high-school degree and maybe some college, 58% percent of their firstborn children are born out of wedlock. These children end up having limited contact and relationships… Continue reading Poor Kids Deserve Their Own Parents, too.


A Critique of the Critique of the Critics of Amoris Laetitia

Austin Ivereigh has another critique of the critics of Amoris Laetitia. This time, he tells them they should look at concrete cases. In case they can’t think of any, he supplies one. (I utilize the Fr. Z protocol of placing my own commentary in color.)  To take an obvious example, a woman abandoned by her… Continue reading A Critique of the Critique of the Critics of Amoris Laetitia


Introducing Dr. J’s Blog

I write for numerous publications. I write for the Ruth Institute, the organization I founded. I’ve written 5 books, contributed to many more, and have written numerous academic articles. Why a personal blog? This is where I will ruminate anything that interests me, whether it is connected with the Ruth Institute or not. I hope to… Continue reading Introducing Dr. J’s Blog