COVID Lockdown = Global War on the Poor.

Fr. Boniface Screenshot. ThumbnailSo, we are all having a tough time from the COVID lockdown and restrictions.  What if we had to leave our homes each day to collect water from a common well, and carry it back home, on foot? What if we had to gather sticks for firewood, in order to cook our food? No electricity means no refrigeration, means leaving home each day, just to purchase something to eat. What does “slowing down the economy” mean in a country where the average income is less than $5 per day?

Listen to my interview with Fr. Boniface from Uganda. He doesn’t complain. He just explains. People are starving. Continue reading “COVID Lockdown = Global War on the Poor.”

Ruth Institute July 9 statement re Louisiana COVID restrictions

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnailRuth Institute reacts to LA Governor’sJuly 8, 2020statement: We congratulate Gov Edwards on his wise and judicious approach to the coronavirus.

Yesterday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards gave a press conference about the coronavirus in our state. We at the Ruth institute listened closely since we are planning a live event in 10 days. We would like to thank and congratulate Governor Edwards for his wise and judicious leadership.

He reported up to date information about the state of the disease in Louisiana. He noted that some requirements, such as wearing masks, are not governed by state law, but by local law at the city or parish level. He announced no new state-wide restrictions. He told us the facts and urged everyone to do their part.

His position is in tune with the sensibilities of the people, and respectful of our constitutional rights. He is treating us like adult citizens, not like children or subjects. He recognizes that the people have spiritual, economic, social and emotional needs, as well as medical needs. We need a balanced approach that is sustainable over the long-haul. That is better than short bursts of extraordinary effort that cannot be maintained. A lot of people get up in the morning swearing they will never leave the house again. By noon, they’re ready to go to a party. That’s what we’re dealing with. We need to have strategies that are sustainable, for the long haul. Continue reading “Ruth Institute July 9 statement re Louisiana COVID restrictions”

Be not afraid. Put on a mask and go out and about.

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnail

Being afraid adds nothing to your health or safety. Worrying doesn’t protect other people.

Those of you who are familiar with the Ruth Institute may be surprised by what I’m about to say. I’m going to make the case for wearing masks.

The public health authorities have asked us to wear masks and to keep 6 feet away from other people. These simple measures make sense. But because of the highly charged, ideological times in which we now live, even simple things raise a lot of questions. Do these measures work? How fearful should we be? Will it be my fault if someone I love gets sick?

Those questions kick off another whole round of questions and anxieties. Should we do even more than we are asked to do? Should we comply under duress or fear and complain all the while? Should we flat out defy the public health authorities? Every time we leave the house, these questions and anxieties can plague our minds. And a big decision like whether to get on an airplane? That decision can paralyze us.

That is, unless we have a sensible decision-making rule of thumb. Continue reading “Be not afraid. Put on a mask and go out and about.”

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