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Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.

I know some of my friends are concerned about Gorsuch describing Obergefell as “absolutely settled law.” I would be more worried except for one thing. As far as I know, no one has a credible case for overturning Obergefell. The conservative Christian legal community does not have a litigation strategy for overturning Obergefell, to the… Continue reading Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.

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Authentic Reproductive Justice

“Reproductive justice” is generally code for “abortion on demand and without apology.”  I propose we talk about “authentic reproductive justice,”  which means justice for the child. Justice for children means that every child conceived has a right to be welcomed into life. The financial condition or age or belief systems of their parents are irrelevant. Equality… Continue reading Authentic Reproductive Justice

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Kudos to the Canadian Bishops Conference

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops blast PM Trudeau for his plan to fund abortions and challenges to abortion laws in developing countries. The bishops state: “Such a policy is a reprehensible example of Western cultural imperialism and an attempt to impose misplaced but so-called Canadian “values” on other nations and people. It exploits women… Continue reading Kudos to the Canadian Bishops Conference

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Follow up: Chinese “Family Planning” Policy

Yesterday’s post showed that Catholics should be proud of standing firmly against population control. The Pontifical Academies of Science and Social Science invited unrepentant population controllers to their meetings. These people obviously have some agenda other than the salvation of souls. Today, as if on cue, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers publishes this heart-rending account of… Continue reading Follow up: Chinese “Family Planning” Policy

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“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” And other naive questions about the “Women’s March”

One of my Facebook friends begins a post this way: “Other than abortion, which would be contentious under any Republican president, which women’s rights are threatened by Trump?” I was not surprised that the ensuing discussion produced more heat thanlight. For there is simply no way one can say, “other than abortion” in today’s political… Continue reading “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” And other naive questions about the “Women’s March”

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“Nobody told me it was wrong”

The Ruth Institute held another Healing Family Breakdown Retreat this past weekend. As I listen to people share their stories of family breakdown, a procession of past encounters marches through my memory. People tell me their stories, and not just at times appointed for this purpose, like the Retreat. I recall: a college student in… Continue reading “Nobody told me it was wrong”