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Trip to Spain: I discover Ruth Institute Fans!

During my recent trip to Spain, I found that I have some fans over there. Pablo Gines, editor of Religion in Liberty, a Catholic news outlet, had already translated one of my articles into Spanish. This is my book review of Scott Hahn’s The First Society, translated into Spanish. Mr. Gines added a chart to… Continue reading Trip to Spain: I discover Ruth Institute Fans!

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Adult Children of Divorce: Holiday Stress Relief Guide

Become Everybody’s Favorite Relative I know a young couple who both have divorced parents. They feel obligated to drive from one house to another throughout the holiday season. The wife’s Mom can’t stand to be in the same room with Dad and his new wife. Ditto for the husband and his parents. Sound familiar? Once… Continue reading Adult Children of Divorce: Holiday Stress Relief Guide

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Divorce Rates, State by State

The Lake Charles American Press published an article about state-by-state divorce rates. Louisiana has the fourth highest divorce rate in the country, according to 24/7 Wall Street, a financial news and commentary website. The state rate is 20.8 divorces per 1,000 married couples. Only Arkansas, Idaho and Nevada had higher divorce rates. Oklahoma held down fifth place. The… Continue reading Divorce Rates, State by State

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Bai Macfarlane and John Farrell

Some of my readers are familiar with the very inside-Catholic-baseball question about whether a Catholic is required to get the permission of his or her bishop before filing for a civil divorce. The extensive discussion of my most recent article on Crisis convinces me that people are indeed interested in this topic. To the best… Continue reading Bai Macfarlane and John Farrell

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But what about abusive marriages?

When people learn that I oppose no-fault divorce, some will say, “You have forgotten about abusive marriages.” When the Ruth Institute, the organization that I lead, describes itself as “The World’s Only Campaign to End Family Breakdown,” we hear again, “But what about abusive marriages?” So, let me deal with this important issue. What about abusive… Continue reading But what about abusive marriages?