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A Friendly Amendment to “The Benedict Option”

Dreher’s chapter on the Sexual Revolution neglects both John Paul II and contraception. That struck me as odd. St. John Paul wrote volumes, literally, on the human sexuality. Michael Waldstein, the editor of the second edition of Male and Female He Created Them: A Theology of the Body, goes so far as to say that… Continue reading A Friendly Amendment to “The Benedict Option”

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Dr J on “The Benedict Option”

I just finished reading the Benedict Option by Rod Dreher. I also recently read and reviewed Tony Esolen’s new book, Out of the Ashes, which is in my opinion, the better book of this genre. Dreher’s book has generated an enormous amount of attention. But if you only have time to read one book, read… Continue reading Dr J on “The Benedict Option”


Why Do I Let Him Treat Me Like This?

I hear from many people in various stages of divorce: pre-divorce, post-divorce, going-through-the-middle of divorce, reluctantly divorced people who would like to stay married, people leaving abusive situations that would have qualified for divorce under the strictest definition of “fault.” One question I hear again and again from people in troubled marriages, before or after… Continue reading Why Do I Let Him Treat Me Like This?

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“The Upper Class is Communist”

“By any Marxian pattern of how classes behave, the upper class should be for you and the lower classes should be against you. But it is the upper class that is most violent against you. How do you explain that?” Henry Luce, the founding publisher of Time magazine, asked this question of Whittaker Chambers at… Continue reading “The Upper Class is Communist”

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Take our Poll on our Go to Confession Campaign

Hi Friends, The Ruth Institute has been running a “Go to Confession” billboard campaign here in Lake Charles. It has spilled over into some interviews with Catholic media, and some Facebook chatter. Anyhow, I am interested in knowing how people react to the 3 billboards we have created. Here are the images, along with links… Continue reading Take our Poll on our Go to Confession Campaign

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Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.

I know some of my friends are concerned about Gorsuch describing Obergefell as “absolutely settled law.” I would be more worried except for one thing. As far as I know, no one has a credible case for overturning Obergefell. The conservative Christian legal community does not have a litigation strategy for overturning Obergefell, to the… Continue reading Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.