Ruth Institute July 9 statement re Louisiana COVID restrictions

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnailRuth Institute reacts to LA Governor’sJuly 8, 2020statement: We congratulate Gov Edwards on his wise and judicious approach to the coronavirus.

Yesterday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards gave a press conference about the coronavirus in our state. We at the Ruth institute listened closely since we are planning a live event in 10 days. We would like to thank and congratulate Governor Edwards for his wise and judicious leadership.

He reported up to date information about the state of the disease in Louisiana. He noted that some requirements, such as wearing masks, are not governed by state law, but by local law at the city or parish level. He announced no new state-wide restrictions. He told us the facts and urged everyone to do their part.

His position is in tune with the sensibilities of the people, and respectful of our constitutional rights. He is treating us like adult citizens, not like children or subjects. He recognizes that the people have spiritual, economic, social and emotional needs, as well as medical needs. We need a balanced approach that is sustainable over the long-haul. That is better than short bursts of extraordinary effort that cannot be maintained. A lot of people get up in the morning swearing they will never leave the house again. By noon, they’re ready to go to a party. That’s what we’re dealing with. We need to have strategies that are sustainable, for the long haul.

At the Ruth Institute, we are gratified by Governor Edwards’ approach. We have no reason to doubt the information he presented. We intend to comply with all regulations, as we have from the beginning. We will do our part as good citizens of Louisiana.

We are scheduled to hold our most important event of the year on July 17-18 here in Lake Charles Louisiana. We will be holding it live and in person, as planned. We are also offering on-line options for anyone who prefers that option, and of course, for our followers around the world.

Here are the steps we are taking to keep our event safe and fun for everyone.

  1. Our venue is fire-rated for nearly 700 people. We will cap registrations at 150, giving ample room for social distancing.
  2. Our caterer will be in compliance with the latest food handling rules. Treasures of Marilyn’s has been in business for years. You all know Mr. Rusty and his team. You’ve been to weddings and parties there. You know he is not going to do anything crazy.
  3. We will have hand sanitizer available.
  4. We will have disposable, single use covers for all microphones.
  5. We will not have live music and dancing this year. (sigh.)
  6. We will encourage the wearing of masks, as requested by our governor and public health officials.

When I say “encourage,” I do mean, “encourage.” Not require. Not ignore and wink and nod. Not scare everybody to death. When I say “encourage,” I mean, to make it fun and desirable to wear masks.

We will be having a contest for the best masks. You might choose an elegant look that matches your outfit. You might choose a mask that makes a statement. You might go for something fun. I will be the sole judge of “best.” Basically, if I like your mask, I’m going to give you a prize.

We recognize that people have many different views about the coronavirus, its causes and how to deal with it. The Ruth Institute has followers all over the place, all over the world, and in pretty much every state of the Union, some of whose governors are not nearly as sensible as ours here in Louisiana. We have people who are sheltering in place in reasonable comfort. We have followers in poor countries, who are literally starving. We have people who have sick friends and relatives, including some who have died. We have other friends who have had the disease and recovered. Even on our Ruth Institute staff, we have a variety of experiences and views represented.

I will not allow my organization to be divided over a topic that is peripheral to our core mission. I will not allow our mission to be diluted.

Our mission to defend the family and build a civilization of love is more needed today than it was at the beginning of March. Young people are still entering into the LGBT sub-culture without understanding the full medical, psychological, social and spiritual costs. The trauma from childhood sexual abuse is not going away, just because of the pandemic. And pornography addiction is a more serious problem today than it was at the beginning of the pandemic. These are the topics we are slated to discuss at our Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, on July 17-18, here in Lake Charles.

We will close registrations for in person attendance at 150 or by close of business on Friday, July 10. So please register promptly if you want to attend the live event. Or sign up for a Virtual All Access Pass. Or you can get a group of friends together and have a “Watch Party.” If you register your party by Monday, July 13, we will have time to ship off your hostess gifts and other Louisiana-themed goodies for your get together.

My friend, a priest from Uganda told me on July 4, “Remember that freedom is a big responsibility.”

I am Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse for the Ruth Institute. And one way or the other, I’ll see you at the Summit.

The text of a video released on July 9, 2020, in response to the Governor’s news conference on July 8, 2020. Our statement anticipated our Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, which took place on July 17-18, 2020. Governor Edwards issued updated coronavirus measures on July 11, less than a week before our conference.

Register for the Summit:

Watch party information;


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