Conservatives Keep Losing: so what CAN we do?

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I recently wrote an article called “Ideas Don’t Have Consequences.” The subtitle was “Why Conservatives Keep Losing.”  My point was that ideas by themselves, don’t do a darn thing. Someone has to take action to implement those ideas, to fight for those ideas and to build a society around those ideas.

A lot of you guys liked the article. But they have been asking me, “what can we do? We know that we are doing isn’t working. What can we do? What should we do?”

I’m going to answer that question today. Not the final word of course. But something that will get us pointed in the right direction.

I am going to tell you one thing that you should stop doing. And I’ll give you one thing that you should start doing. Two points before I begin.

First, the Ruth Institute and I have followers all over the place, all over the world, and all up and down the economic and educational ladder. When you interact with people on our page, you’ll find people with Ph.D’s and people who have barely finished high school. You’ll find people with direct connections to the Supreme Court and recovering drug addicts. You’ll find guys who work on off-shore oil rigs, and you’ll find grandmas and housewives.

The steps I’m about to give you can be done by absolutely anyone and everyone. No excuses. Everyone can do what I’m about to suggest.

Second, you must understand that we are at war. If you don’t see that, I don’t have time to explain it.  And psychological warfare has been a crucial aspect of this decades-long assault on our civilization. This psychological warfare has included disinformation campaigns, false flag operations, and misdirection. We have been subjected to decades of propaganda, and a sophisticated plan of psy-ops (short for psychological operations.)  You must understand this before I begin.

One of the chief objectives of a psy-op is demoralization. If you can discourage your enemy, they will stop fighting. If your enemies stop fighting, or never even start fighting, you win by default.

This is how our opponents think of us, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not. The people tearing down the family and western civilization strongly prefer that you stay home and play on the internet, rather than offer them any serious resistance.

Once you see that, you will realize that keeping up our morale is a serious matter, deadly serious. It is with this in mind, that I offer you one thing to stop doing, and one thing to start doing.

Here is the one thing to stop doing:

Stop complaining. You are demoralizing yourself and those around you. If you were in a trench and in a literal shooting war, you would not go around saying “We’re all going to die! Run for your lives!”  Your commanding officer would not take kindly to you saying such a thing. Nor would your comrades. We need to encourage and support one another. Not tear each other down and scare ourselves to death.

When I say stop complaining, I mean, stop the pointless complaining. It is possible for complaining to have a valid purpose. You put in a complaint to the complaint department of a store, because you want and expect them to fix the problem. Fair enough. Randomly complaining on social media, to no one in particular, has no serious prospect of creating any kind of positive change.

So knock it off.

That is the thing for you to stop doing.

Now, here is the thing I want you to start doing.

Start a list of people who could use encouragement. Support. Consolation. Congratulations. When you feel the urge to complain and you can’t see any positive path for that complaint to make a difference, you turn to that list. Pick a person on that list. Call them. Write to them. Send a letter or a card or an email. Thank them for whatever they are doing. Tell them you appreciate them. Send them some kind of help if they need it. But do something positive for them.

This is the positive side of our psychological warfare. We build each other up. We don’t just tear things down, and tear people down. We build up. Our opponents do enough destruction against us. We need to build each other up.

At our Third Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, we will be doing exactly that. We will be honoring three people who have made important contributions to the pro-family cause. Dr. Paul Church, a Boston urologist, urged his hospital to stop participating in activities that affirm same sex sexual activity. Dr. Church’s argument was that this kind of sexual activity is not healthy. The medical profession should not be encouraging unhealthy behavior. The hospital wouldn’t budge. Within 18 months, Dr. Church lost hospital admitting privileges at 4 different hospitals and a teaching position at Harvard Medical School. He lost everything, rather than deny what he knew to be true. We will honor him with the Professional Integrity Award. You can still be there, virtually, to give him a big thumbs up and thank you!

At the Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, we will give you more ideas for how to be involved, plans for positive action, and resources you can use, to make the case for the family.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, for a Virtual All Access Pass. Or get a group of friends together, and have a “Watch Party.” There is still time for us to ship off your hostess gifts and other goodies for your get together.

And if you are anywhere within driving distance of Lake Charles Louisiana, hop in the car and come! We are getting it done. You will not find any “Republicans In Name Only” or “Catholics in Name Only.” No “Conservative Inc” over here. Just normal, down to earth people like yourself, who are dedicated to making a difference for the family, and for Western civilization.

I am Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse for the Ruth Institute. And I’ll see you at the Summit.

Interview with Dr. Paul Church

Register for the Summit:

This is the text of a video chat recorded onJuly 7, 2020. 




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