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Invite the Children of Divorce to the Amoris Laetitia Seminars

I see where Cardinal Cupich is planning a series of seminars on Amoris Laetitia. According to a letter obtained by the Catholic News Agency, the “New Momentum Conferences on Amoris Laetitia,” will “provide formative pastoral programs.” As someone who has listened to many victims of the Sexual Revolution, I am eager to learn about the “pastoral practice” these seminars will… Continue reading Invite the Children of Divorce to the Amoris Laetitia Seminars

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Your child is only your child when the government says so.

A little girl in New York is in foster care, even though her father is a perfectly fit parent.  The court will not even recognize him as her father. How is this possible, you ask? The little girl’s mother is in a same sex union. The girl is in foster care, because of  neglect petitions… Continue reading Your child is only your child when the government says so.

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Ruth Institute Statement on being cut off by Vanco

The Ruth Institute, of which I am the President and Founder, issued this statement on Friday, August 31: The Ruth Institute learned at 2 PM Thursday that Vanco, our on-line donation processing service, was cancelling our service immediately. Their letter stated: Vanco has elected to discontinue our processing relationship with The Ruth Institute. The organization… Continue reading Ruth Institute Statement on being cut off by Vanco

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The Ruth Institute’s Statement on the SPLC “Hate Map”

For immediate release, August 23, 2017.  The Ruth Institute’s primary focus is family breakdown and its impact on children: understanding it, healing it, ending it. If this makes us a “hate group,” so be it. Once again, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” is in the news, this time due to CNN publishing it… Continue reading The Ruth Institute’s Statement on the SPLC “Hate Map”

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Crying Wolf at the SPLC

I categorically condemn the Alt-Right, white supremacy, racism, Nazism and all violent totalitarian political movements. But I am a bit confused. I thought I was supposed to be a member of the Alt-Right, or a racist, or a Nazi, since I voted for Donald Trump. I guess I am even supposed to be in sympathy with the… Continue reading Crying Wolf at the SPLC

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Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.

I know some of my friends are concerned about Gorsuch describing Obergefell as “absolutely settled law.” I would be more worried except for one thing. As far as I know, no one has a credible case for overturning Obergefell. The conservative Christian legal community does not have a litigation strategy for overturning Obergefell, to the… Continue reading Why I’m not worried about Gorsuch.

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Divorce Reform: Take your stand.

Representative Matt Krause of Texas has introduced a bill to limit no-fault divorce in that state. Ruth Readers: it is time to put up or shut up about family breakdown. We have a petition that anyone can sign. It just says we support Rep Krause’s effort to limit no-fault divorce. You do not have to… Continue reading Divorce Reform: Take your stand.