Be not afraid. Put on a mask and go out and about.

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Being afraid adds nothing to your health or safety. Worrying doesn’t protect other people.

Those of you who are familiar with the Ruth Institute may be surprised by what I’m about to say. I’m going to make the case for wearing masks.

The public health authorities have asked us to wear masks and to keep 6 feet away from other people. These simple measures make sense. But because of the highly charged, ideological times in which we now live, even simple things raise a lot of questions. Do these measures work? How fearful should we be? Will it be my fault if someone I love gets sick?

Those questions kick off another whole round of questions and anxieties. Should we do even more than we are asked to do? Should we comply under duress or fear and complain all the while? Should we flat out defy the public health authorities? Every time we leave the house, these questions and anxieties can plague our minds. And a big decision like whether to get on an airplane? That decision can paralyze us.

That is, unless we have a sensible decision-making rule of thumb.

Here is what I have come up with. See what you think. From the beginning of the Wuhan Virus pandemic and accompanying panic, our policy at the Ruth Institute has been:

  1. comply with all local health and safety regulations.
  2. keep as steady a course as possible.
  3. go about our business.

Those who follow us at the Ruth Institute may be surprised by this stance. After all, we are not known for cowering in the corner, mindlessly conforming to the Spirit of the Age.

Let me explain why I make a practice of wearing a mask in public, and why I think you should too.

First off, I don’t have the expertise to judge whether these requirements “work” or not. I realized from the beginning of the COVID outbreak that getting to the truth of these matters would require more time and bandwidth than I have. If I spent all my time tracking down accurate information about masks and contagion rates and keeping up with the latest developments, I’d have no time for my fundamental mission of defending the family. And make no mistake: on that battlefield, the Ruth Institute and I literally are irreplaceable. If we don’t get this job done, no one else will.

I take no position on whether wearing a mask and keeping 6 ft apart are effective measures for slowing the spread of disease. But the important point is this. I do not feel the need to impose on myself and my team additional restrictions beyond what the law requires. I don’t allow myself to be shamed or bullied. I feel no need to virtue signal. I’m following the guidelines proposed by lawful authorities. That’s it. I’m done.

The responsibility for gathering and promulgating accurate information lies with them, not with me. If someone I have had contact with gets sick, I do not need to feel guilty about it. That horrible fear that we might inadvertently harm someone else is a large part of what is paralyzing people. I have no doubt that some of the ideologues in our world want you to be paralyzed.

So look at it this way: If masks and social distancing work, we don’t need to worry. Wear the mask. Keep your distance. Stop worrying.

If these measures don’t work, the MORAL responsibility is on the public authorities who demanded them, not on you or me. God and hopefully history, will hold them responsible for their errors. And speaking of God, God forbid that the public authorities should lie to us! If they are deliberating falsifying information, God will indeed, hold them accountable.

I’m not saying that I have blind trust in the civil authorities. Certainly not. In many cases, they have disgraced themselves. However, in this instance, they are not asking me to do anything immoral. And I respect the concept of authority. We do owe obedience to the law. If the authority structures are corrupted, that is an argument for reforming them, not for tearing them down. And make no mistake, most of our authority structures are corrupt. The Sexual Revolution has corrupted pretty much every profession and institution in our society. That, I can tell you for sure.

That is why I have made it my policy to NOT second-guess the public health or other civil authorities. I have plenty of other areas where I question their dictates. Areas where I’m confident that I know what I’m talking about. I am confident that children need their parents. That is why I am opposed to no-fault divorce. I am confident that the human species is a mammal species that has two and only two sexes, male and female. That is why I am opposed to the lawless Bostock decision, recently handed down by the highest legal authority in our land, the US Supreme Court. The poor dears pretend they can’t tell the difference between a woman and a man who says he’s a woman. I feel no compunction or fear about opposing their opinion.

I’m not wasting my time worrying over whether to wear a mask. I put it on and get on with my life. Being afraid adds nothing to your health or safety. Worrying doesn’t protect other people.

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of confidence too? The confidence that protects you from needless worry? The confidence that allows you to face reality without anxiety?

You know you want it. That is why The Ruth Institute is holding its 3rd Annual Awards Dinner and Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution. This will be a live event on July 17-18, here in Lake Charles. We will be complying with all regulations in place at that time. Put on your mask and come on out! We will be talking about recovering from childhood sexual abuse, dealing with pornography addiction, and surviving the LGBT subculture. Topics no one else will deal with, even though every family in America has one or more of these issues. We will have some good food and nice people, just like yourself.

You may have health concerns that make you uncomfortable coming to a public event like this. That’s ok. I understand. I’m not going to try to talk you into or out of your personal risk assessment. You can organize a Watch Party. We have special gifts for the hosts of groups meeting together. Public authorities allow you to have groups of 10 people or less in your home, even in Michigan!

Now, I’ve got speakers coming in from all over the country.  We’ve got all sorts of uncertainties. I have no idea how that is all going to work out. I can make this pledge to you: the speakers listed on our website will make presentations, one way or the other! They will be available to interact with you.

And I personally will be there. If I have to speak to an empty room, I will be there. I hope I see you there, in person, at the Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution.

I’m Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and I’m looking forward to seeing you face to face in Lake Charles Louisiana, July 17 and 18.

This is the text of a video Chat recorded on July 2, 2020. 


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