Why we Laugh in the Afternoon

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We are in a marathon. Not a sprint.

Here at the Ruth Institute, we post a joke every weekday afternoon on our Facebook page. You may have wondered why a pro-family organization would do that.

We cover very dark topics. My talks on family breakdown stir up a lot of pain.  I have had people run out of the room crying. The first time I saw that, I thought, “We can’t have this!” But we can’t ignore these difficult topics.

At our upcoming Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution, we will cover these topics.

  • Surviving the LGBT Subculture
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Childhood sexual abuse

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun!

Who wants to come to a full day of that!!!

I’ll tell you who: you do. You want to come.

You want to be part of what we are doing. You know that here at the Ruth Institute, we are no longer kicking the can down the road. We are not leaving these issues for someone else to clean up. You are the type of person who is asking, “What am I leaving my kids and grandkids?”

We are fighting for the family. It is a mammoth job. We are in a marathon, not a sprint. We need to pace ourselves. That’s why we laugh every afternoon: to give us fuel, to carry on.

Here is a funny story. I hope it makes you laugh.

When I first moved to Lake Charles Louisiana, I needed to find a new printer. A friend suggested someone, so off I went to introduce myself to the printer.  After our very pleasant meeting, I went to shake her hand. She laughed at me and said, “Oh no. Let me get you all Louisiana-ed up, girl!” And she gave me a big hug. A handshake simply would not do.

We are hugging here in Southwest Louisiana. We are eating good food too. And having a good time. And facing up to the Sexual Revolution. We are in this for the long haul. So we laugh. Every afternoon. And then, we return to work, refreshed and with lighter hearts.

The Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution will be held here in Lake Charles, July 17-18, 2020. We will comply with whatever health regulations are in place in July. I can’t say right now, exactly what that will look like. But I can tell you what we’ve done in past years. We have had a live Cajun band and dancing, along with good food, a cash bar, and a priest telling Cajun jokes.

Join us. We will have a good time. I promise. You know you want to be there! And you will know in your heart, that you are doing your part. We are not kicking the can down the road anymore.

This is the time. This is the Mountain We Climb. Be there to fight for the family. And we will laugh. I promise.

I’m Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse for the Ruth Institute. And I’ll see you at the Summit.

You can find complete information about the Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution here.

This is the text of the Dr J’s Daily Chat, recorded June 12, 2020.

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