“A Diabolical Experiment:” A quote for Church Militant

A Diabolical Experiment CM 6-23-20Church Militant reported on an “experiment” in Sexual Revolutionary Germany in the 1970’s-1990’s. Child welfare agencies placed homeless children in foster care with known pedophiles. The “experiment” was to see whether the children thrived in the care of such “loving parents.”  They asked for my comments. I let them have it.

They like pedophilia quote

Though Berlin authorities have now promised to look into the matters of pedophilia, past and present, Dr. Jennifer Morse, founder of the pro-family Ruth Institute, is skeptical.

When Church Militant asked Morse about the emerging stories of pedophilia embedded in government-run agencies throughout the world, she said: “These organizations make token efforts to address the issue and return to business as usual.”

“The global ruling class likes pedophilia. They actually like the entire sexual revolution, just the way it is, including pedophilia,” she continued. “We can no longer ignore the numerous cases of highly placed individuals and networks that have preyed on vulnerable children.”

Morse pointed to the high-profile examples including the ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick scandal, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and “the widespread abuse of children through United Nations-sponsored operations.”

Morse calls on Catholics to speak out against the crimes of pedophilia: “We are the only ones who can present a coherent, competing set of ideas to counter the poison of the sexual revolution.”

Please note the connection with The Sexual State: This was a government agency, using its authority, to deliver vulnerable children into the hands of pedophiles.

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