Thank you Jimmy Akin

Around 2010, my daughter struggled with anorexia. I gained 15 pounds during her recovery at home. (“Eat, child, eat!!) Never could lose it.

I gained 10 pounds, after moving to Louisiana. Cajun food is the best food in America. No joke.

I have beat myself up about it for years, but could never seem to do anything about it.

Enter Jimmy Akin, Catholic Apologist Extraordinaire. He has been chronicling his weight loss journey on his website and his Facebook page. He has lost over 100 pounds. Fasting has been a key to his success. By fasting, he means, skipping a meal. Or two. A day.

Jimmy Akin after losing 100 pounds.

So I tried it. I found that I can do it. I tell myself at the beginning of the day, I am skipping breakfast, or “I am not eating until dinner.” I find that I do not get all that hungry. If I do, I drink water. I aim to drink 2 liters of water a day. Or I drink diet soda. Generally, the urge to eat passes.

If I’m really hungry, I may drink a chocolate milk. That is it.

I have discovered how often I have the urge to eat because I’m tired, or bored, or think it is time to eat. But I’m not even really hungry.

I’ve lost my Cajun 10. I’m working on my anorexic 15. Thanks Jimmy.

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