Refugees from the gay lifestyle

Daniel Mattson: Statement by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and the Ruth Institute

Daniel Mattson is a dear friend of mine and of the Ruth Institute. He spoke at our First Annual Awards Banquet last spring. We awarded him the Public Witness of the Year Award for his book Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I reclaimed my sexual reality and found peace.

Recently, an allegation of sexual misconduct has been lodged against Mr. Mattson. As of this writing, I do not have all the facts relevant to the allegation. I can say two things with absolute confidence.

Number 1: Many men who have lived a sexually active homosexual life, have dark deeds in their past. Indeed, for many whom we might call “ex-gays,” escaping this darkness was part of what they were trying to get away from when they left the active participation in homosexual sex.

Number 2: The message of Dan’s book remains valid, true, and life-giving. The Ruth Institute will continue to sell his book, without apology or hesitation.

And we will continue to be friends to anyone who sincerely repents of their past sins, and who is striving to live a chaste and holy life. That certainly includes Dan Mattson.

6 thoughts on “Daniel Mattson: Statement by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, and the Ruth Institute

  1. Thank you for not rushing to distance yourself and the Ruth Institute from Mattson like many others already have. I was disappointed that Courage was quick to point out that Mattson was never employed by Courage or Encourage. If he has sinned and broken the law, that will come out. In the meantime, thank you for reaffirming the good work he has done despite allegations of minor abuse.


  2. Thank you. I am sad to see how quickly the story of Mr.Mattson’s accuser was put out with out trying to get a statement from Daniel. Equally sad is that there is not a public statement from him. I continue to pray for him and all involved.


  3. Sadly, EWTN Religious Catalog has removed all materials associated with Daniel Mattson, except for a book of essays which he contribute too and a season pack of “Catholic View for Women” in which he was interviewed for an episode. Ignatius Press and the Courage Apostolate Store no longer sell “Desire of the Everlasting Hills” and the film’s website has been temporarily closed. It’s all so sad! I do wish Dan would speak up but I assume he is being told not to for legal reasons. 😦


  4. I don’t understand how what he is accused of doing was not serious enough to involve distancing – he is a child molester if the accusations are true. But in your statement, you say even if it turns out to be true you will stand by him. I doubt that if he was not engaged in a similar kind of work as you, that you would still support him even if he did molest young boys.


    1. I stand by the fact that he has repented of his deeds. If it were a current ongoing behavior, my stance would be different. Also, there may be criminal or civil penalties involved, again, if the accusations are true. If this comes about, I will be watching to see how Mr. Mattson handles himself.


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