Divorce fantasies

I take your point.

Our sexual utopian dreamer assures us that babies don’t really need the hands-on, day in and day out care of their own parents. Your personal parental responsibility isn’t really such a big deal. If you conceive a child, you don’t need to worry about that child needing care specifically from you and their other parent.

You can switch out the child’s other parent for new sex partners and nothing bad will happen to the kids. Ladies, you can move in with a new boyfriend and your kids will be fine. Guys, you can trade in your wife for a younger more attractive trophy wife, and your kids won’t mind a bit. Kids are resilient, after all.

The adults having the sex lives they want, now that’s really important.

In fact, kids are so resilient, they don’t care if their mom’s new love interest happens to be a woman instead of a man. If dad decides he is really a woman and has been all along, the kids will understand. After all, we’ve raised them according to the beliefs of tolerance and inclusion and not being all hung up about such things. As long as every child is a wanted child, they will be fine.

In fact, our powers of persuading kids are so great, the kids won’t mind if they never know one of their parents. You can buy some sperm from a man your child will never see. You can buy an egg and rent a womb from two women your child will never know. But the kids will be fine. They will know that you wanted them so badly that you paid top dollar for them.

Really? Are you kidding me? Kids really do need and want their own mother and father. Do you see that propaganda is laced throughout this whole thought process?

And please, don’t bother bringing up “abuse,” as if it were some kind of catch-all excuse for adults to do whatever they want. When mother and father are quarreling or abusive, the kids don’t want them going out and getting a new boyfriend or whatever. What the kids really want, what the kids really need, is for their parents to pull themselves together and behave. Family breakdown actually is a huge deal for kids.

It takes a lot of propaganda to convince anyone otherwise.

On the other hand, sexual predators don’t mind family breakdown. They move in on the chaos and target kids from broken homes or absent parents. Predators like Jeffrey Epstein. Who did not kill himself.

I’m Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, for the Ruth Institute.

I’ll see you next time.

This is the text of Day 4: Week 3, of Dr. J’s Daily Chats, recorded on May 15, 2020.

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