“I Don’t Have to Choose!”

I just got the dearest note from a gal who works with MassResistance, the Truth-Telling group in Massachusetts that confronts the LGBT agenda in the state legislature and in school boards. She was thanking me for the column I wrote in The Stream, about the MassResistance book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.”

She has written a gender-affirming children’s book called “I Don’t Have to Choose.” This book supports kids in being comfortable in the bodies they were born in. Ironically, the Right-Wing Watch wrote an article about it, calling it an “anti-trans” book. But they couldn’t quite bring themselves to be nasty. They tell the story, as though it is obviously wrong. But, for any ordinary, non-ideological person, the story sounds quite charming.

Grandmas and grandpas, consider this for Christmas gifts.

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