Men who assault men = just-as-toxic- masculinity

The #MeToo movement has fueled some kinds of feminism, especially the type that claims that “toxic masculinity” is to blame. Only problem: the phrase “toxic masculinity” all too often means “masculinity” without adjectives.

The reports of men sexually assaulting and harassing other men should count as toxic and abusive also. But somehow “gay” men get a pass.

Look at the recent case of actor/former NFL star Terry Crews. He was groped by powerful Hollywood agent, Adam Venit. As Crews recounts it, Venit, “groped his (Crews’) genitals in front of his wife and “grinned like a jerk” at the pair’s shocked response.”

Adam Venit, left, Terry Crews, right.

In a story about the Crews incident, the Independent includes a series of charts about sexual assault in the US. Of the 8 charts, not a single one reports male victims of sexual assault. Not one. Three are specifically female victims, the other 5 don’t specify. AND THIS TO ACCOMPANY A STORY ABOUT A MALE VICTIM!

Another of my pet peeves: Figure 1 of these charts lists “type of perpetrator.” The category, “intimate partner” drives me crazy. Anyone who has looked carefully at the data knows: husbands are less likely to assault their wives, than are cohabiting males or dating boyfriends. By grouping all “intimate partners” together, these data obscure the hazards of non-marital sexual relationships, and exaggerate the risks of marriage.

Agenda, anyone?


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