We Need Truth

I just made a short video, posted on the Ruth Institute Facebook page. Here is the text. This will be the first in a series on the subject of truth. Speaking of truth, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened

Episode 1: We need truth.

Dealing with the new virus and the global shutdown has clearly taught us one point: we need truth.  Lives depend on determining the truth. How contagious and deadly is the virus really? Are the mass quarantines and lockdowns really necessary?  Some uncertainty is unavoidable. We are facing a new disease. We don’t even know what we don’t know.

If we do not take the medical risks seriously enough, innocent and vulnerable people will die needlessly. On the other hand, if we overestimate the medical risks, innocent and vulnerable people will lose their livelihoods. Lost livelihoods can ultimately amount to lost lives.

We want to know the full truth about the virus and the best way to combat it. We don’t want to die, and we don’t want to see our friends and neighbors die.

But we also do not want to see our friends and neighbors go bankrupt. Most of us know people who are living paycheck to paycheck. The economic impact of shutting down the economy, even for a short time, is no small matter. But chanting “people before profits” doesn’t solve anything. Being concerned about the economy is not just a cover for protecting wealthy fat cats. Many low-income families are depending on their wages from so-called non-essential service jobs. These people can hardly be considered selfish or undeserving.

We really need to get this right, as a society. The risks are huge, either way. Not enough medical caution, and people will suffer and even die, from disease. Not enough economic caution and people will suffer and even die, from poverty.

We need to trust the decision-making leaders and institutions of our society during this crisis. But many of us no longer trust many of them. We feel we have been lied to by politicians, scientists, academics, and the media. We have seen scientists falsify climate data to further an agenda. Some of our doctors tell us that a preborn person is not a person.  Some of our doctors try to tell us that male and female are just social constructs, and not real. And we have seen powerful people across the board lie to us about sexual abuse and harassment. People with power and privilege have perpetrated massive deceptions to cover up their own sexual crimes, in virtually every sector of society.

In this global crisis, we instinctively realize that we can’t just make stuff up. We really need to know the truth of things. We don’t have time for “my truth” or “your truth.”

Our society has a deep philosophical problem that is making it difficult to even understand the concept of truth. I will tell you what it is, next time.

And, speaking of truth, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

See you next time.


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