Hitting the “reset” button on race, with the help of the Ugandan Martyrs.

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnailI’m recording this on June 2, 2020. The United States is gripped by racial tension, including protests, riots, and lots of arguments. We’re kind of losing our minds.

When race is involved, I feel like we Americans are on a hamster wheel, running in place, going nowhere. That, or we are on a movie set of a very dark version of Ground Hog Day, doomed to experience the same day over and over until we get it right.

And let’s be clear. Race is one issue that America has never gotten right. We’ve never come close to getting it right. I realize that each person believes passionately that their own views are correct. But America as a whole? As a country, we are nowhere near getting race right. I hope we can all agree on that sad fact. Continue reading “Hitting the “reset” button on race, with the help of the Ugandan Martyrs.”

Hungry for Hugs

No humor today. I’m dead serious. We can’t go on like this.

I’m recording this on May 27, 2020. We have been on Wuhan virus lockdown for ten weeks or more. I have said nothing about the quarantine and other public health measures since the beginning of this whole saga. But I can no longer remain silent. I’m seeing people coming unglued from lack of human contact.

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Humans are social creatures. We need other people. We need to look at other people to see how they are reacting to us. Are we behaving and thinking in a socially appropriate manner? Or are we going off the rails? That is pretty hard to know if you are all by yourself. Continue reading “Hungry for Hugs”

Memo to Fr. James Martin: tell people to get the sex apps off their phones

Memo to Fr. James Martin: please tell people to get the casual sex apps off their phones. Lives are at stake.

I see where Fr. James Martin has expressed concern that Catholic churches may be opening too soon. Only when it is safe, he says. We must listen to the experts, he says. For those of you who are not familiar with him, Fr. James Martin is a highly-placed Catholic priest who is well-known for his supportive attitude toward Catholics who self-identify as gay, transgender, lesbian or bisexual. So, I would like to ask Fr. Martin a favor.

Could you speak to the LGBT community about the dating apps, like Grinder and Tinder?

For those watching this video who may not know what these things are, I don’t want to shock or offend you. But these are apps similar to Uber or Waiter, except for casual sex. You can go on your phone and type in the sort of partner you are looking for. You and your location show up on the phone. You can connect with anyone who happens to be in the vicinity and interested in what you’re interested in. Continue reading “Memo to Fr. James Martin: tell people to get the sex apps off their phones”

Memo to Ukraine and Anderson Cooper: What’s wrong with surrogacy

Surrogacy has certainly been in the news lately. Anderson Cooper took delivery of a newborn baby. Commissioning parents are unable to take delivery of babies in Ukraine. I must say, we at the Ruth institute have never seen so much interest in this topic in all the years we have been talking about it. I sense that people are ready to come to grips with the evils of surrogacy, in a way they have not been before. So, let me go straight to the heart of the matter and explain: what exactly is wrong with surrogacy?

It does not matter how much the commissioning parents want the baby. It does not matter how much the surrogate mother or the egg provider need the money. Their motives are not the issue. The issue is: what is owed to the child?

Why I keep bringing up Jeffrey Epstein

I have been doing these little daily chats for a few weeks now. You may have wondered why I bring up Jeffrey Epstein every day. Today, I will tell you.

Jeffry Epstein did not kill himself. This fact, which no serious person denies, marks a new era in the unfolding of the Sexual Revolution. For years, we have been told that the Sexual Revolution was part of the March of History into a glorious day of progress, peace and pleasure for everyone.

The Sexual Revolutionary ideology has insinuated itself into virtually every sector of society: law, business, medicine, academia, the media, sports and entertainment. The evidence is now overwhelming. Some highly-placed advocates of the Sexual Revolution just want to get laid. 

Memo to Sexual Revolutionary Elites: We don’t believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. We believe you, the Elite Ruling Class, are using the power structures of society to embolden sexual predators and disarm victims.

Divorce fantasies

Kids are resilient. All kids really want and need is …. What exactly? Tune in to find out.  

We’ve been talking about the great fantasy of our time: we are all entitled to have as much sex as we want without the responsibilities of parenthood. Yesterday, we saw that with a lot of propaganda, you might be able to convince people that sex doesn’t make babies. This strategy needs to be backed up with even more propaganda to keep people from thinking too much about the problems the contraception itself can cause.

Maybe our hypothetical sexual utopian could go in a different direction. He could concede that sex does indeed make babies, but he’d insist, babies don’t really need much care.

Wait a minute, Dr. Morse. Everyone knows babies need a lot of care. After all, that is why we are all so hell-bent on avoiding having any babies. We don’t want the responsibility.

Contraceptive Fantasies

Which is more dangerous? Smoking or hormonal contraception? Tune in to find out.

Last time, we talked about the dream of every playboy since time immemorial. He thinks he is entitled to have as much sex as he wants without the responsibilities of fatherhood. In our time, we have taken this immature fantasy a step further. We are trying to convince everyone that they are entitled to as much sex as they want without any inconvenience whatsoever. Not only no babies. No hurt feelings. No painful attachments. No guilt.

When you look at it that way, it sounds crazy.

Sex without Parenthood

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnailThis is the text from my Week 3: Day 2 Daily Chat series recorded on May 13, “Sex without Parenthood.” The utopian fantasy of sex without parental responsibilities.

I’ve been talking with you about the formula for accumulating power. The rulers promise utopia. The people hand over lots of power to their rulers, in exchange for the promise of Heaven on Earth. The promise sounds appealing, but it is actually impossible. So, the rulers need to use lots of propaganda to keep the dream alive. When things go wrong and the magic kingdom never arrives, the rulers have to have someone to blame. So, the utopian dream creates the need for scapegoats.

I’ve been talking about all this in pretty general terms. Today, I’m going to tip my hand and tell you how I figured this stuff out. Sex. Continue reading “Sex without Parenthood”

Propaganda in Paradise

JRM Blue jacket Mary Sweetened thumbnailWeek 3, Day 1: Propaganda in Paradise

Utopian dreams can’t survive without propaganda, for two reasons. Tune in, to find out what they are. @JZmirak 

This is the text of Day 1, Week 3 of Dr. J’s Daily Chats, recorded on May 12, 2020: “Propaganda in Paradise.”

Would you like a blank check for tons and tons of power? No probably not, because you seem like a pretty normal person. But if you did want a lot of power, I’ve got a formula for you: Convince everyone that doing the impossible is a high moral duty.

Eliminating all deaths from the Wuhan virus for instance.

Creating perfect equality between men and women, for instance.

Or, wiping out all pollution and using only “renewable energy.” Continue reading “Propaganda in Paradise”

Scapegoats in Paradise

JRM Blue jacket Mary SweetenedThe advocates of impossible goals all have one important requirement, something they desperately need. They may not even know that they need it. But they do. Tune in and find out what it is.  

This is the text of Day 5, Week 2 of Dr. J’s Daily Chats, recorded on May 8, 2020: “”Scapegoats in Utopia”

Last time, we talked about the big payoff for attempting to do the impossible: Power. Doing the impossible requires a lot of power.

But of course, even with a tremendous amount of power, these impossible objectives are still, well, impossible. Sensible people know this. Reducing the number of sick people, yes, that can be done. Relaxing about unnecessary gender stereotypes, yes, that can be done. But wiping out all disease? Wiping out all inequalities? Nope. Can’t be done. Continue reading “Scapegoats in Paradise”

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