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Memo to Bill Donohue: Now is not the moment.

Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has a post called “PENNSYLVANIA GRAND JURY REPORT DEBUNKED.” I will eventually read it and possibly comment on it. But I must say this before I do. Even if I turn out to agree completely with his analysis, he is completely wrong to be talking about… Continue reading Memo to Bill Donohue: Now is not the moment.

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Denigrating the Priesthood

It is bad enough that Queers in the Church use their positions as cover for their sexual exploits. (See Cardinal McCarrick.) It is bad enough that the “progressives” make bad arguments for Church teaching “evolving.” (See John Gehring’s long-winded NYT whine. Absent from Gehring’s NYT’s bio, is his association with the Soros-funded Faith in Public Life.) As if… Continue reading Denigrating the Priesthood