Memo to Bill Donohue: Now is not the moment.

Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has a post called “PENNSYLVANIA GRAND JURY REPORT DEBUNKED.” I will eventually read it and possibly comment on it. But I must say this before I do.

Even if I turn out to agree completely with his analysis, he is completely wrong to be talking about this at this moment. Here is why:

This is the Catholic moment to face facts, take our lumps, and make amends. We can talk about other people’s mistakes and problems after that.

Nearly 40 years of marriage has convinced me of this. If my husband tells me I did something that hurt him, that is exactly NOT the moment to start talking about all the times he has hurt me, all his flaws, etc. To do so, is to change the subject. At that moment, the subject is me and what I did and how I can make amends. If I don’t listen to him, precisely at that terribly uncomfortable moment, I am setting us up for tit-for-tat, back and forth recriminations and vendetta.

There will be another time to talk about what he does that I don’t like. At that moment, my responsibility is to listen to him, take him and his concerns seriously. Not to put too fine a point on it. that is the moment for me to suck it up.

That is, assuming I want to remain in relationship with him. And I most emphatically do want to remain in relationship with the culture around me, including the Attorney General of PA and the members of the Grand Jury and the media and all the rest.

I will listen to what Bill Donohue has to say, some other time, once I feel sure that I have exhausted my capacity for making things right within in the Body of Christ.

2 thoughts on “Memo to Bill Donohue: Now is not the moment.”

  1. As Augustine said with regard to erroneous claims about the natural world, our credibility is toast. I understand Mr. Donahue‘s frustration, in so far as worse things and more of them happen every day in this country and no one blinks an eye. But we need to be models, for, not to be molded by our surroundings. The realistic is that may not matter that the slavering dragon (no danger to you since his belly is full of some other innocent traveler he recently devoured) is telling the truth when he says there is safety behind the next hill. You would naturally hesitate to follow such a guide. To be effective, evangelists must be believable, ie they cannot be like the Pharisees Jesus said should be obeyed rather than emulated.


  2. You really should read what he has to say. I found it quite informative, especially regarding the deceitful and careless use of terms Mr. Shapiro used to present his case.


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