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Speak for Yourself, Cardinal Farrell

My latest at The Stream (July 20, 2018)  I was always taught to respect the clergy. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Should criticism be necessary, let it be as gentle as possible. But what do we do when the clergy harm each other? Cardinal Kevin Farrell’s recent comments about priests lacking credibility for preparing couples… Continue reading Speak for Yourself, Cardinal Farrell

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Gay Marriage is “here to stay,” says lawyer

“Gay Marriage is Here to Stay, even with a conservative court,” says Cato Institute’s Senior Fellow Walter Olson. What he really means is: “Gay marriage has not inconvenienced the legal profession. We won’t be changing gay marriage.” No-fault divorce did not overly inconvenience the legal profession either. Some lawyers make a lot of money from… Continue reading Gay Marriage is “here to stay,” says lawyer

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Secular Arguments for Marriage are Not Enough

My latest at Crisis:  Scott Hahn is a prolific Biblical scholar with a huge fan-base among orthodox Catholics. He doesn’t need my help promoting his new book, The First Society: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Restoration of Social Order. But I need some help from him. I need his help convincing my pro-marriage policy-wonk friends that… Continue reading Secular Arguments for Marriage are Not Enough

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Denigrating the Priesthood

It is bad enough that Queers in the Church use their positions as cover for their sexual exploits. (See Cardinal McCarrick.) It is bad enough that the “progressives” make bad arguments for Church teaching “evolving.” (See John Gehring’s long-winded NYT whine. Absent from Gehring’s NYT’s bio, is his association with the Soros-funded Faith in Public Life.) As if… Continue reading Denigrating the Priesthood


#MeToo: law enforcement does what it ought to do

One interpretation of the #MeToo movement is that law enforcement should be tougher on sexual harassment and assault. I do not entirely agree. I think law enforcement should do its job. That means follow the law, including the rules of evidence and procedure. That means not expanding legal definitions beyond their limits. Punishment without limits… Continue reading #MeToo: law enforcement does what it ought to do

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Men who assault men = just-as-toxic- masculinity

The #MeToo movement has fueled some kinds of feminism, especially the type that claims that “toxic masculinity” is to blame. Only problem: the phrase “toxic masculinity” all too often means “masculinity” without adjectives. The reports of men sexually assaulting and harassing other men should count as toxic and abusive also. But somehow “gay” men get… Continue reading Men who assault men = just-as-toxic- masculinity

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Will Cupich “Accompany” Reluctantly Divorced Spouses?

Cardinal Cupich has been holding seminars on implementing Amoris Laetitia. These “New Momentum Conferences” will “provide formative pastoral programs.” I wonder whether these seminars will include anything for reluctantly divorced persons. No one else seems to be doing anything for abandoned spouses. Perhaps Cardinal Cupich and his friends will step up to the plate. The public, including many… Continue reading Will Cupich “Accompany” Reluctantly Divorced Spouses?