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Doing it like Jesus would

Most of my readers have probably heard about the Ruth Institute’s dust-up with being called a “hate group.” We showed up on CNN’s republication of the SPLC’s “hate map.” Our credit card processing company dropped us unceremoniously. I want to ask you to help us. Today is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.… Continue reading Doing it like Jesus would

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What it is Like Being Smeared by the SPLC

This is an abbreviated version of a Wall Street Journal article by Professor Carol Swain, formerly professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University. Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, was to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee about threats posed by domestic extremist groups. The hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, has… Continue reading What it is Like Being Smeared by the SPLC


Hurricane Protection Prayer

Ok, Irma is coming. Jose is coming right behind her.  Please pray this Hurricane Protection Prayer.  Catholic parishes in Lake Charles say this prayer regularly during hurricane season, roughly June 1 through November 30. Look at the track of Hurricane Harvey. It went up the coast of Texas, headed for Louisiana and then: nothing. It… Continue reading Hurricane Protection Prayer

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Ruth Institute Statement on being cut off by Vanco

The Ruth Institute, of which I am the President and Founder, issued this statement on Friday, August 31: The Ruth Institute learned at 2 PM Thursday that Vanco, our on-line donation processing service, was cancelling our service immediately. Their letter stated: Vanco has elected to discontinue our processing relationship with The Ruth Institute. The organization… Continue reading Ruth Institute Statement on being cut off by Vanco

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Lake Charles is not flooded.

To all my friends who have been asking about us. We are just fine. Lake Charles has some streets that flood during every storm. Those same streets drain very quickly. The flooding makes for good TV footage: the drainage, not so much. To the left, is an image from flooding from May 2017.  Below, is… Continue reading Lake Charles is not flooded.

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The Ruth Institute’s Statement on the SPLC “Hate Map”

For immediate release, August 23, 2017.  The Ruth Institute’s primary focus is family breakdown and its impact on children: understanding it, healing it, ending it. If this makes us a “hate group,” so be it. Once again, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” is in the news, this time due to CNN publishing it… Continue reading The Ruth Institute’s Statement on the SPLC “Hate Map”